Meet Marble - A Human Kind Of Law Firm

AJ Gilead

Meet Marble - A Human Kind Of Law Firm

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Behind life's events -- whether they're expected or unexpected, positive or negative, there's a human. Whether it's because of circumstance, a bit of luck, a major career move, or a big decision, we all need legal care sometimes. 

Law is a profession of care and should be seen as such. Just as doctors and therapists take care of our body and soul, lawyers take care of our rights and handle some of the most precious moments of our lives. 

Whether you’re facing a battle or need help choosing a path, they are there to help us get to our next chapter. If we're looking to pursue a new life elsewhere, they are there to help us fulfill our dreams. If our well-being at the workplace is impeded, they help us keep our dignity and hold people accountable. They are there for us even if we make mistakes, treating us as humans and fighting relentlessly to protect our rights. 

A law firm for the modern consumer

As life presents us with new opportunities, twists, and turns, most of us need legal care. 74% of people have paid a lawyer for legal services at least once in their lifetime, according to a recent study.

But despite being such an indispensable service, you'll find that if you take a closer look at the legal industry - it's often more about the lawyers than it is about you. There's the Latin, fees, a process you don't understand, and zero flexibility in payment options. 

Traditional law firms are not built to serve the modern consumer. They’ve shown very little innovation over time, while industries around them - retail, transportation, technology, and media - have reinvented themselves to cater to millions by providing them with exceptional customer service. 

At Marble, we’ve decided to create a remarkable legal customer experience that is easy and accessible to everyday people - it’s all thanks to coupling technology with experienced legal teams. 

We're experienced attorneys, legal care managers, and administrative staffers from a diverse set of practice areas. But, we all have one thing in common — we got into this business to help people who need it the most. It's why we worked so hard to get here, and it's what motivates us every day. 

Here's what makes us stand out as a law firm

We came up with the Legal Circle to instantly cater to your needs

We’ve comprised a fast-acting team of world-class attorneys and care leads (your legal case managers) on an innovative platform to change how you think about legal care, forever. By bringing together experts from all levels of legal service, we provide a timely and effective service that keeps you up to date with your case and keeps you in the loop.

Personalized legal service on your terms, fit to your schedule

Get started whenever convenient for you by using our online case assessment and payment platform. Get updates on your case and get your questions answered by real humans, 24/7. Say hello to a customer experience you expect and love from your favorite brands.

Transparency is our philosophy

We're candid about every step we take, from giving you a clear and complete understanding of our pricing to providing full visibility into the legal process.

You choose when you want to pay

We use predictive modeling to determine the optimal flat-fee upfront with an option to pay in installments. 

We level the playing field

Our innovative platform makes it easy to connect with real people when you need professional legal counsel. Marble's technology puts clients in control of the process from start to finish, featuring lightning-fast digital onboarding, text and video chats with real people, e-signing, and online payments. This allows us to manage remote legal processes in a user-friendly and efficient manner, and grow quickly and scalably to bring our service to more states across the U.S.  

We don't compromise on offline instances

While we provide legal services from the comfort of your own home, as a law firm, we understand that there is no substitution for interpersonal communication. We pick attorneys with years of experience in courts and put the utmost effort into offline instances such as telephone calls, hearings, and court representation. 

We stand by our mission

Laid out by our company's founding team, we always practice with our mission in mind - “Everyone, everywhere, deserves quality legal care.” 

A new kind of law firm - the human kind

We believe everyone deserves access to respectful, transparent, and personalized legal care. That means getting started right away with up-front pricing, a real person to help you along the way, constant communication, and payment terms that fit your situation.

We've made it our mission to deliver a new kind of law to everyone we possibly can. We think it's going to change the way humans interact with legal care - and the way legal care interacts with humans. 

Jan 26, 2021
AJ Gilead