Lawyering Up Without A Headache

AJ Gilead

Lawyering Up Without A Headache

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Encounters with law firms are known to be naturally unpleasant. In most instances, clients are seeking guidance and help, and often they are in distress. Lawyers have the upper hand in the situation, often taking advantage of their authoritative position and enjoying the prospects of earning new clients to grow their business. 

Despite the inherent client-lawyer gap, law firms don’t make it easier for their clients. From the struggle of finding the right attorney to the lack of communication throughout a case, the legal process is broken. Law firms still insist on unnecessary heavy paperwork, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. They use outdated tools to provide customer service that lacks the standards modern consumers have become accustomed to.

When we first envisioned Marble, we sought to reimagine consumer legal services - a necessity with unaddressed flaws. By pairing technology and experienced legal teams, we provide people with a stress-free, transparent, and more human experience when they need it the most.

We realize that while technology is not the core of legal services, it is a great facilitator of it. We saw technology as something that served a core value of Marble, which is to support stress-free, transparent, and instantaneous legal care. These values go across the entire organization - stitched into our online and offline activity, dictating our culture and the way we face clients, our legal teams, and employees. 

We’ve instilled our values into every step of the process.

Case Assessment

Every new legal journey with Marble begins with a quick online case assessment, allowing clients to get started remotely in their own time. It’s a simple, mobile-friendly, and personalized process for each of our legal practices that takes the judgment and stress out of the onboarding experience. Marble evaluates each case according to data in a neutral and safe environment and then schedules a consultation call with a Marble case evaluation representative as soon as possible.

Case Assessment‍
Case Assessment Online Session on Marble

Consultation Sessions

As a law firm, we are strong believers in the offline world. We allow clients to call us anytime and have a quick case evaluation and consultation session remotely, on the spot. On these calls, our case managers support clients with a non-judgmental and caring consultation environment and seek to better understand and evaluate the client’s case and goals. 

Our case managers only provide quotes to those that fit, and would never drag a client with no real case into the process.

Meet You Team on Marble
Meet You Team on Marble

Online Payment

Payment for legal services is a painful task in most cases. Clients are asked to pay a fortune upfront before speaking with their lawyers and then paying a fee for each extra hour. That makes legal fees one of the most expensive services for everyday people and one of the least expected. 

Online Payment on Marble
Online Payment on Marble

When establishing Marble, we wanted to reduce the uncertainty behind the process. We wanted to give clients a better idea about how much they expect to pay, and to provide the freedom to choose how to pay -- from where to pay and when to pay. 

We developed predictive modeling to determine an optimal upfront flat-fee, and we give clients flexible terms of payment - they can choose to pay upfront and get a discount or pay in installments. Our online payment platform, unique to law firms, gives clients the flexibility to pay from any device, mimicking the convenience of ordering from a food delivery service. 

Lawyer consultation sessions and strategy sessions

We handpicked a team of dedicated lawyers in various practices, such as family law, criminal law, or immigration, who exude an open-minded attitude that suits an innovative law firm. Our lawyers are ready to go the extra mile for our clients.

A strategy talk for us is never a one-sided pitch. Our lawyers look at it more like a collaborative process. In these sessions, we listen carefully to our clients to understand their needs and their unique circumstances. 

We then provide insight into how the legal system applies to a case, craft strategies to resolve the matter, and help you understand what to expect next to reduce all possible uncertainties. 

Our lawyers also empower clients who want to take an active role in their case to do their own preparations, investigations or represent themselves with our lawyers’ guidance and expertise. 

A unique document hub

We streamlined complicated processes in the already stressful legal process by allowing clients to upload documents to our platform. Instead of the heavy paperwork, we now allow clients (and lawyers) to upload the necessary documents for their cases, such as contracts, evidence, government documents, and forms. 

Marble's Documents Hub
Marble's Documents Hub

Ongoing legal work

Our team goes to work for you, but doesn’t leave you behind. We came up with the Legal Circle - a fast-acting team of lawyers and care leads (your legal case managers). They are orchestrated together to provide a timely and effective service that keeps clients in the loop. 

Clients enjoy 24/7 real-time case check-ins and updates so they can stay informed and feel confident as their case progresses, receiving answers to all their legal questions from our dedicated case managers. 

Personalized onboarding 

Onboarding is often a standardized process, but each practice is a different ball game for a law firm. For example, when onboarding a DUI client, information about previous charges is critical in the first case assessment stages. We encourage clients to upload a copy of their driver’s license and ticket. In family law, we’ll post a reminder to the user that divorce is the last resort. We’ll ask if he or she is 100% sure about divorce and offer mediation. 

The values in our DNA

Every service needs a clear and differentiated moral DNA. Counting on technological innovation to differentiate us isn’t enough. For us, adopting a set of values - making legal service accessible, stress-free, and non-intimidating for everyday people - allowed us to grow and duplicate our features and processes with the same DNA. Adopting a clear set of values will enable us to onboard more employees and lawyers to the team, add more funnel processes, and expand into more states across the nation. 

Jan 26, 2021
AJ Gilead