Are Divorce Rates Rising During Covid?

AJ Gilead

Are Divorce Rates Rising During Covid?

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New findings have shed more light on marriage statistics from the year that has just ended. While it is intuitive to think that the pandemic would have led to a spike in divorce rates and that the pressure of forced togetherness would be the last straw for many, a new study claims that the number of Americans getting divorced has plunged. 

The research, by Bowling Green State University, also shows that the marriage rate has dropped, which can be explained by many people deciding to postpone new nuptials until better times. 

The fall in the divorce rates has been found in every state examined, which includes Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire, Missouri, and Oregon. They expect that if the research is taken national, it will indicate a 19% decline in divorce cases since 2019.

While economic hardship and rising stress levels might have pushed couples to the verge of falling apart, practical considerations still play a crucial role. Some explanations for these counterintuitive findings include: 

  • Financial settlements are complicated when spouses are out of work or experiencing economic uncertainty. 
  • Divorce negotiations became difficult to handle.
  • Child custody decisions are hard when schools and daycare centers are closed or when it is difficult to travel between houses.
  • People are suspending bigger decisions until better times.

With restrictions and economic challenges not going away soon, it remains to be seen if troubled couples are hanging on, waiting for the best opportunity to materialize their motivation, or whether better times will help get their relationships back on track.

Image credit: Dev Asangbam

Jan 26, 2021
AJ Gilead