Biden Administration’s New Immigration Policies - Reversing Trump’s Policies? 

Assaf Gilead

Biden Administration’s New Immigration Policies - Reversing Trump’s Policies? 

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President Trump's controversial immigration policy has left a major mark and will continue to impact globally for years to come. Millions of immigrants and their families instantly have started to nurture their hope hearing that president-elect Joe Biden has pledged to reverse Trump's policies during his election campaigns. But now that Biden has won the elections has he really stepped up to take action against the Trump administration's policies?

Biden recently released his position paper on immigration, which is a 22 pages long document. At his acceptance speech, Biden said that he would immediately end the assault being done towards the immigrant community's dignity. He assured the public that his policies would not be focused towards deportations or detentions. 

One of Trump's executive actions included rolling back Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). However, the Biden administration's new immigration policy would fully reinstate DACA, which would protect the illegally brought migrants to the US to work freely without the fear of being deported. 

It must be noted that regardless of all the hopes that Biden is giving to the public, some immigrant rights activists are not satisfied and want Biden to do more for the immigrants. These activists include RAICES, United We Dream, and Movimiento Cosecha. Erika Andiola from RAICES has brought forward her demand for advocates who wake up daily and think of new ways to fix the system. 

Does Biden fall under that category? Given the current situation and the actions that Trump took, we definitely can use advocates who work daily with the intention to reduce the inhuman acts being directed towards immigrants in the United States. 

Biden's administration has already sent the message that they will be welcoming towards the immigrants, contrary to the policies made by Trump's administration. Biden's Susan Rice, the current domestic policy advisor, and Jack Sullivan, the national policy advisor, believes that taking immediate actions will create more problems at the border. Therefore, they are focusing on making changes in the immigration policies in the next six months. 

Some of Biden's immigration reforms include providing citizenship to undocumented immigrants, clearing the backlog of naturalization applications, ending prison use for immigration detention, providing aid for immigrants' families and children, and creating a separate court for immigration cases where the judges can exercise their discretion. 

Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, does not think that Biden will be able to reverse everything that Trump did in just four years. Pierce believed that due to Trump's large volume of rapid changes, his decisions would continue to impact the new immigration policies for years. Trump took over 400 executive actions on immigration, and reversing them won't be easy for Biden even if he gives it his full force. 

Unlike Trump, President Biden does not plan on building walls on the border and will make the United States more welcoming and less intimidating for the immigrants. Biden has allocated funds that will be focused on the immigrants' welfare, a policy that is in line with the spirit of this nation's founding fathers. Now the question arises, will Biden be able to fulfill the demands or not, and when? We can only wait and watch. 

Image: Joshua Sukoff

Dec 30, 2020
Assaf Gilead