5 Ways to Support the BLM Movement from Home

5 Ways to Support the BLM Movement from Home

| 5 min

1. Donate to bail funds.
While others are out protesting, many find themselves in compromising positions when masses are incarcerated. People need money to assist in posting bail. No one should have to face jail time for free speech. Contribute whatever you can to funds like: Peoples City Council Freedom Fund (https://www.gofundme.com/f/peoples-city-council-ticket-fund).
2. Talk to your local representatives.
In times of social turmoil, it’s always important to reach out to the people in power in your local and federal government. Find out who holds a seat in your local government and reach out to them.
3. Follow, like and repost local organizations.
Get your ideas out in public by supporting local and national organizations through social media so they can broaden their platforms.
4. Talk about it with friends and family.
Some hard conversations need to be had. With such horrific things happening to our black communities, we need to face facts and correct past wrongs. Share resources such as books, articles and movies on black history and racism. Listen to what the black community has to say. We can always get better- inspire change in yourself, your household and your community.
5. Put your money where your mouth is.
Spend your money wisely and use it to support the black owned restaurants and shops, black artists and black owned brands. It’s important to recognize the struggles of the black community. Small changes like what brand of shampoo you buy or what restaurant you eat at tonight can be a form of support for the BLM movement.

To read more about how you can support BLM in LA, visit the LA Times article Opinion: Blackout Tuesday backfired spectacularly. Five ways to support Black Lives Matter